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Contentment and change co-labor

Something to learn here about contentment… obviously change too.

I don’t want to write about change, but unfortunately I can’t write about contentment without regarding change.

Is life not just steady change into death? Contentment being the steady peace in which to live every second of decay?

I’m not morbid. Really.

I’m just literal.

We’re dying,

and we’re living.

(Just wanted to remind you of that paradox)

Maybe the change in your life does feel daunting and heavy.

Maybe, like me, you don’t even feel it happening.

Then growing pains hit and you’re reminded you still know how to weep.

Because you’re still human.

And if you’re weeping, life is still being breathed into your lungs so you might live another second to experience peace.

Didn’t know this is where I was going to end up in piece, but here we are. In the same place I was seven months ago, taking a photo of the same tree.

Not much has changed, yet so much has changed.

(Just wanted to remind you of that paradox)

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