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that's all she wrote!

Maybe its the Benadryl paired with the normal tiredness causing that space behind my forehead to feel so heavy. I sit here juicing my keyboard for the day's final spew of thoughts. I don't have much. Some days be like that. Some weeks be like that. Some seasons, it seems, be like that.

Energy feels so far back in my bodies memory. Perhaps I was living in a particular survival mode without even realizing it. That dopamine reliance to obtain earthly happiness appearing in form of coffee, fitness, "fun." Gum.

I'm 23 years old for crying out loud! And wisdom is a tiresome gift for earthly flesh to hold.

We all have a place here, this is no doubt.

New strength is being instilled, but you can't see this muscle of faith growing.

"What are you up to these days?"

If I told you I sit in contemplation (sometimes in wrestling) with God, would you think my life silly?

Have you tried it?

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