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Hey there,

I'm Meg

I'm simply so glad you're here.

(Please enjoy my artsy selfie attempt)

First thing you ought to know is this space is still a dream in process.  

Second thing is I will definitely a) mispell words and b) make up words

Founded in May 2023 as a space to share my poetry, delightenments then shifted into a shared space for a handful of other writers, now you will find it progressing forward as a more consistent platform for me to share semi-daily journals, prayers, whatever else is laid on my heart.

Unless credited otherwise, all writing pieces and photographs are authored, captured, edited by my hand! 

(Well, my lovely mother I consider to be my well as a couple of other trusted grammatical confidants)​

And also just so you know...

Your heart belongs here too,

because delightenments are happening all around. 

God is actively changing our lives, changing our vision.

Changing our hearts, and encouraging us to share the words He's placed on them. 

If you're so moved to share such words,

please email me @

Choose to have your name posted alongside your work,

or remain anonymous, totally up to your wishes.

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