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To Have and to Hold

Of what is to come

Through the thickest forests,

summiting the highest peaks,

I will blaze,

I will climb.

For my cadence is sure,

and my lungs thirst for more,

of this fresh air -

in this place of wander,

in this place of wonder.

And even if the forest light is too weak,

or I can’t reach the mountain peak,

I know there is still wander to be had,

there is still wonder to behold.


If our steps fall short of where we thought we’d be,

be mindful that the future we cannot see.

May our hearts be open towards the wonders there are to behold in the midst of our wanderings.

To be trusting towards the meanings we are meant to uncover, and perhaps certain futures we aren’t meant to discover.


Jun 13, 2023

Love keep up the great work a very talented young woman.


Jun 13, 2023

certain futures we aren’t meant to discover. that’s powerful.

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