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to be

With breath,

there is being

Not a mere formation,

but a divine relation -

in which we are created to breathe,

the breath of Life

To open our eyes

and not only see,

but know,

how our Maker was made low,

just to Be,

with creation


So the question of being I implore,

is to be aware

or not to be?

Before our eyes,

is it the Maker we see?

Within our soul,

is it the Maker we know?


To be,

or not to be,


how our Maker chose to Be -

how Jesus chose to Be,

with you,

and with me.


Continued thoughts on being -

Inspired by Acts 17:28

(and sitting beneath a tree)

May we be as the tree,

ever still,

yet dancing -

swaying with the breeze,

the breeze that is breath

The breath in which we live

The breath in which we move

The breath in which we have our being


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