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the antagonist

In the beginning

there was no mirror,

walking with Love

this purpose was clearer

there was a true voice

the Word we did know,

but obsidian fruit

the Antagonist did sow


a fruit you can pluck

you can

you can

a hissing freewill misleading the man

self in every direction

there I am, I am found!

hissing lies float around

you pluck your sweet fruit,

build your sleek walls,

of obsidian glass –

Love and it’s destined impasse

there is no freedom

in your prison of pride,

polished walls of obsidian 

towering high

can you imagine,

what’s beyond your mirrors?

the vast open space

of nothing

yet there God nearer?

the depths of a heart,

that vast open space,

a pool of eternity


feel Trinity’s embrace

there is freedom in surrender

our pride – to a Presence,


and what greater company

is the heart of Glory,

than this Antagonist 

of our fallen story 


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