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Quarter Life Creation

The world I live in isn’t new,

my outward appearance remains the same,

yet I feel as though I’m seeing things for the first time.

Not with new eyes, but with renewed eyes.

A nostalgic fondness is felt towards my past.

The people, the places.

There is meaning there —

meaning I’m just awakening to.

And spring is all about awakening, right?

Awakening from our winter slumbers.

Awakening to a blossoming earth around us.

With fresh gratitude, sweeter compassion, and deepened awe.

For we too are creatures of Creation,

and ought to recognize our seasons of life

as part of the grand rhythm of Design.

To trust that where our roots are,

so there will we grow through the seasons.

For even when the harvest isn’t bountiful,

even when the winter seems rather long,

our ̶s̶o̶i̶l̶ soul is being tilled,

our roots tended to —

By the Creator of Life,

on hands and knees,

with rolled up sleeves,

digging out our weeds,

and shedding light on new seeds.

1 Comment

May 23, 2023

Very Creative!

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