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love, unsatisfied

This age of consumption

so apart from You

Love we turn to

it’s so broken and askew

Yet we wonder why

we’re so unsatisfied

When it's rare 

we can look ourselves in the eye

admitting something’s missing


The heart that longs for love is a heart that longs for Christ.

This, my friends, is the heart I believe God sees in His people. The heart God saw in me.

This is the heart God sent Himself to us for.

The heart that longs for love. The heart that longs for Him. Even when we don’t realize it’s our Creator we are longing for.

The heart that was created in His image, to love Him. To be fulfilled by Him.

Any pursuit of true love outside of God alone will always leave us feeling unsatisfied, because the truest love we are ever meant to know is Christ alone.

And Christ is not an emotion or affection. Christ is a presence, and a promise kept. Of love that came down. Immanuel. God with us. Love with us. 🤍


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