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Evergreen Abba

Abundance in a barren land

beneath its abundance

on two feet I stand,

gazing up in wonder

at how a being so abundant

can always be so


in every season

standing steadfast 

with no apparent reason,

other than it’s always green

How can it be so?

When all other branches have fallen so bare,

when in the winter it stands

as the only life still painted within the land

In the midst of fruitless trees all around

my eyes are transfixed on this evergreen abundance

steadfast in the winter wind,

as so in summer saunters

The land will warm to welcome spring

and many will lose sight of the evergreen,

as sweet nectar of fruiting flowers

draws us to their petals

But these petals

they’ll fall,

these flowers,

they’ll whither

In the cemetery of spring

we’ll once again gaze up,

eyes befalling the evergreen

A life can be built here,

perhaps we’ll finally realize,

beneath this evergreen abundance,

goodness, as we look up, will ever fill our eyes

How precious is this evergreen love

protecting us under the shadow of steadfast branches above,

feasting on the abundance of evergreen provision

never having to lose sight of this vision

This vision I furthermore imagine

as God sitting down His green tipped brush,

resting His hand


may this be an image of me within in the land

✍🏻 Poem by Megan Powell


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