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Do the turtles long for Eden?

I had a most interesting conversation with a customer at work today.  

In attempt to recollect himself at the register after a seemingly frazzled entrance, we go through the typical pleasantries of “how are you?” and “good to see you.”  He then proceeds to tell me the detailed saga of his morning that is eating away at his peace of mind...

Did he move the turtle out of the road to a promising and appropriate location?

This was genuinely weighing so heavy on his heart.  I reassured him that moving the turtle to the bedded creek area near his house, and placing it on a rock, is probably the most pleasant place a turtle could wish to be!

Now I’m sitting here analyzing the concept of stewardship over the land.  I’m really thinking hard about the heart of this man… and the hearts of the people I saw on the news recently, removing baby black bears from public trees and holding them as though they were border collie puppies.  

The turtle could very well have been happy on the road.  For as the customer made sure to acknowledge, turtles like roads, because of their retainment of warmth.  

Oh but the ignorance of the sun-basking turtle to the four-wheeled monsters that come with entitled speed and no remorse. 

In observation of the baby bears climbing trees, I imagine they most likely do not want pasty two legged creatures extending gangly limbs to snag them out of branches of hoped for solace.  And you know their mama doesn’t want that either.

Oh but the ignorance of the fallen Adams of creation confused in their mammal relations.

I don’t even know why I’m writing about this.  Something related to Eden, as always on my mind.  Something about honoring the creatures of this earth.  Honoring them in observation and preservation of their habitats and natural tendencies.  

Are they as concerned about how far we are from Eden as I am?


For the lilies, nor the birds, worry,

and the turtle is just looking for warmth on a road that drives us further and further away from Home, 

but I believe we can find our way back again.

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