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Bad advice

I’m re-implementing a past sustainable diet where I pick out a new (or favorite) flavor of Ben & Jerry’s on Saturday night and eat the entire pint.  It’s a really happy time.


I’m so tired of seeing recommended “what I eat in a day” posts. 

Recommended by who???  Devilish algorithms evoking comparison and shame in me? 

I genuinely believe such posts to be straight from the pit of hell.  

Which evidently isn’t too dissimilar from social media. 

Do your eyes ever burn from staring at your screen?  Brain feel fried from doom scrolling?

I’m not dramatic.  I’m just tired.  

Maybe the hellhounds snarling on your timeline are different from mine.  Maybe food and body image aren’t an achilles heel to you as they are to me.  

And I am so tired of devilish algorithms trying their damndest to make me feel insecure about myself and the woman God is forming me to be.  

So here’s my virtual rebuke for every single comparison-evoking post on our timelines.  Don’t feed the hellhounds we call algorithms, my friends.  

Seek the Light and you’ll find it shining around you, and hopefully (if you so surrender) within you.


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