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As Intended

Think -

There could be

another tree,

or vaster sea,

yet chosen were you,

chosen were we -

With consciousness our own,

intentional Creator,

meant to be known


I've been thinking how divinely fortunate I am to live this life with consciousness. A perspective and awareness uniquely my own. Instead of forming another sacred tree or shimmering sea, I was chosen. We were chosen. Conscious life was breathed in me. Conscious life was breathed in us.

Waiting in our mother’s womb, this mind of awareness was developing. Our unique vessels were formed as intended and crafted by God. Exiting this space of peace and protection, we often come out screaming, but after a while, our little beings, our fresh eyes, begin to take in the wonder of the world around us in which we have entered. Growing, we find our screams were not ill placed. Out of frustration and terror, this world will rob us of peace. It is not all wonderful, but through intentional creation, embedded with blessed existential awareness, we may see it as wonderfilled.

How I perceive life around me, and life within me, is significant and intentional to my heavenly Father, my heavenly Creator. In His hands are the depths of the earth1, yet too in His hands are the depths of my being2.

More precious to God than a star soaked sky are my thoughts I come uniquely into, my praises I am uniquely compelled to bring forth. My personal faith and admiration. I believe these are the wonders God most marvels at within His creation.

We look into the depths of the sea, finding awe provoking mystery.

Looking into you, looking into me, so too may we feel this wonder.

1. Psalm 95:4

2. Psalm 139


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