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Let Go and Let God by anonymous

22 years. 

22 years I’ve tried grasping this understanding of what we call life. I’ve searched through substances, relationships, money, and a whole lot more. 

I’ve tried to live my way for 22 years now, and the more I desire to fulfill what I want, the more empty I feel inside. 

This revelation has brought me to a conclusion, I must die to myself and let Christ live in me. 

Luke 9:24 “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.” 

2023 was the year I first proclaimed my “faith” in The Most High, however, after countless setbacks and struggles I realized I was only deceived. 

The Holy Spirit has revealed what it is He wants, and that’s all of me

So I’ve made the decision:  2024 will be the year I not only know God, but make a leap of faith, serving Him with all my heart, strength, and soul. 

I must let go and let God.


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