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Home by K.A.

Thrown from building to building, 

I found myself talking to walls, 

looking for something to answer 

but never hearing Your call 

I looked for You in people 

I even looked for You in mine, 

but You had not been welcomed 

they passed on Your design

And what am I to make 

of a home built on lies?

It’s no home at all 

without You inside 

I hammered on these chains,

I broke myself away,

searching for Your light

to keep the darkness at bay

Now You build a new foundation,

You’ve kept a place for me,

there is no shame in my seeking

for a home that is heavenly

Praise for Your creation 

there’s no laboring here in vain, 

my home is what You’ve given me 

and You promise to maintain

Kingdom of God, 

gracious gift for all,

how blessed I feel 

that my Home is Your call  

✍🏻 Poem by K.A.


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